Thanksgiving Weekend Rules

We just had our house warming party last night. It was a wonderful way to celebrate living in our favorite city with our favorite people. I also realized just how special our group of friends in Baltimore truly is. My wife and I were also able to visit both our families for Thanksgiving, without having to fly anymore like we did in Denver. For the first time in a long while I feel like I'm home. Meanwhile, at the Skull Base released its second minisode this past Tuesday, wherein we take several potshots at Agents of SHIELD. Behold, Agents of Skull Base!

I just got a webcam, so expect some new videos of my impressions and impersonations of my favorite cartoons soonish on my Youtube page, as well as audio production tips and other neato stuff.

This week I'll be musing on what motivates me to do voiceover and posting about it in a day or so. Stay tuned and happy Thanksgiving weekend!