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Skype and Audacity - An ISDN Killer Combo?

Clients often ask me if I have access to an ISDN line. Not a phone patch, not ipDtl or Source Connect or Skype, but ISDN specifically. Why do people still insist on using this outdated, flawed, hideously expensive model? Inertia, I guess. I can't wait for the day we all accept that having a dedicated phone line to run sessions through is ridiculous given the fact that all of us have a much cheaper, much more efficient, and just as reliable internet connection. I've run several sessions simply using Skype and Audacity together. I also have a plugin that records my Skype sessions and bounces them to mp3 (I mainly use this for my coaching sessions) just in case. I like Audacity for times when I need to run multiple programs simultaneously, as bigger DAW's like Cubase and Pro Tools tend to hog the audio driver, causing talking on Skype to be more troublesome than it has to be. With this method, I get a crystal clear recording of my end of the conversation, which I can then edit and send to the client. Sure, with ISDN the client instantly has the session on their end, but I consider it a bargaining chip to be able to offer to edit the session afterwards and simply send it via Dropbox, Drive, or any other number of free, easy-to-use delivery systems.

So, should we continue to pay for a monthly subscription to a service whose rates are skyrocketing all over the country just to stay competitive, or should we continue to push these new, lighter, 100% more free services as a no-brainer alternative? I think you know my answer.