Five Voice-Over Books You Need to Read

Got eyes, a few bucks, and a way to read e-books? Good! Educate yourself!

1. There's Money Where Your Mouth Is by Elaine A Clark

The Bible according to Elaine. This book is one I come back to every year or so because it's just that damn good. It's your trusty all-in-one handbook on the world of voiceover. It's great coming back to see what information I've actually digested and what behaviors I've developed as a result. 

Some Quick Notes on Room Treatment

There seems to be some confusion about what exactly sound proofing is, how it can be achieved, and what materials have which superpowers.

First - foam cannot be a wall all on its own; it can fill the same amount of space as a wall, but that does not make it a wall.

Second - What do I mean by foam? I mean those zig-zagging squares or the little pyramid matrices on squares. Like this: