voice over mastery

Be Less Boring

There are periods where I focus way too much on one aspect of my performances when I audition. I hone in on and obsess over how I sound - making sure my diction is as proper and clean and dynamically balanced and colored as possible. Getting to that perfect, from a technical standpoint, read. Then of course, I listen to Crispin Freeman's podcast again and I realize that I'm becoming way too obsessed with the sound of my own voice. I need to retreat from my head and start letting character choices guide my performances.  

2015-03-30 17.44.43I've made it a point to stop myself during my last few audition sessions and force myself into making a few choices about my 'character', other than what he sounds like. Trying to stay mindful of who I am rather than who I sound like is a concept that didn't really click until recently.

Be less boring in your reads. Stop focusing so much on sound like a perfect robot. Give all of your reads some eyepatches and peg legs. It's really easy to get locked into that clinical hum of e-learning medical module scripts and cookie-cutter sales letter pitches; if you're not having some kind of fun with it, that's going to come across audibly. Make anything you're reading fun, even if it's riddled with grammatical mistakes.

And there will be many of those.