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VoiceOver Resources For Your Eyes and Ears

Over the course of the last year, I've done quite a bit of research into voice acting to make sure that I could hope to have a snowball's chance in Hell at actually doing it one day. After being successfully discouraged by the legions of writers out there who like to point out that having a nice voice isn't a good reason to jump into voice acting and that it takes inhuman devotion and it's impossible and there's not enough jobs, blah blah blah, I found resources that are actually helpful. Here are just a handful of them.

For practice scripts (and decent fodder for demos), check out Edge Studio. It's a great place to go when you need some copy to train yourself in different types of commercials. They also have a network of teachers and coaches, though I've yet to sample those services.

For podcasts, try Talkin' Toons with Rob Paulson, The Voice Over Marketing Podcast, and VoiceOver Experts. They each focus on totally different aspects of the business and can provide you with a ton of great information (and Talkin' Toons is pretty damn entertaining to boot). 

For blogs, read The Voice of Your Business by Derek Chappell. This links to pretty much every other blog worth reading out there, so it's the perfect jumping off point into the world of blogosphering. He does top ten posts of other blogs every week, so get ready to jump down the rabbit hole when you visit here.

If you need a good kick in the pants, check out Dee Bradley Baker's I Want to Be A Voice Actor! I was discouraged for a long time by a ton of similar sites that seemed built primarily to ward people off who had no business in VO. Then I learned that I could act, and that people actually really enjoy what I can do. This site was oddly the last straw. I started really pushing myself to start voice acting after reading it. I can't really explain why this one was different. Maybe it's because I know DBB's work and admire him. It wasn't just another random guy in Minneapolis with a part time commercial VO "career" trying to tell me what's what. 

Since the business side of things is just as important as the talent side, check out and/or subscribe to Vocus' marketing blog. It will give you nuggets of information about the current trends in advertising and marketing. Eat your vegetables, kids.

There's a ton of great information out there, and if you can hang talent wise, it's really not all nightmares and despair out there, unlike what many people will try to tell you. I just got started a few months ago and I've already started to get my feet on the ground in this business. It's a load of fun, and dammit, I'm good at it and I like it. I've never really liked my day job before. It's an incredible feeling. 

Anyway, I'll throw more links up periodically as I find more gems out in the World Wide Webaverse. Feel free to share more in the comments section below.