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SOVAS Award Nomination for My Demo; Also I Made Demos This Year

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be able to coach with the inimitable J. Michael Collins. Our ten-hours of coaching/one demo package ended up being a four-hour/three demo project. I’d never had much formal coaching before, aside from a handful of narration sessions in my first year. J. Michael is a genuinely kind, warm presence, full of knowledge, reassurance, and encouragement, without a hint of pretension or exaggeration. I felt instantly at ease with him and able to showcase myself to somebody without it being transactional, which is not something I get to do very often. And thankfully, turns out I’m pretty good at a few different genres of VO. I’m very proud of the Commercial, TV Narration, and Industrial demos we produced together, and they’ve been great tools to have in the months since. I cannot recommend his coaching and demo services enough and I plan to revisit him soon for more demo work. Go to him!

Taken after a three-demo session. I…got a new camera after this picture.

Taken after a three-demo session. I…got a new camera after this picture.


Also, in the months since, my daughter has decided to stop taking afternoon naps and instead be a toddler all day instead, so daddying still takes up most of my days. It is a blessing to have built enough of a network in the time before she arrived that I’m able to spend the majority of my time raising her. She’s a joy to behold, and this time spent that I’ll never regret. It’s definitely helped to have killer demos when I don’t have time for much legwork.


Aria brings Light


Evidently, the commercial demo we produced was nominated for a SOVAS Voice Arts Award today. It’s a great honor, and honestly not something I ever considered would happen. The show’s next month, on my birthday, so maybe I’ll get lucky! 34’s a lucky number with some arcane historical significance, right?