A Special Thanks to Steve Blum and Crispin Freeman

As one of the founding partners of fledgling podcast network Thunder Grunt, I do a lot of research in my field. As a voice over actor, I want to study my craft as much as possible. I highly recommend shows like Talkin' Toons with Rob Paulsen, Voice Over Experts, and Voice Over Marketing Podcast. However, I've just stumbled over Crispin Freeman's Voice Over Mastery, and I have to say, it just stole the #1 place in the VO podcast chamber in my heart. And it was all due to the four part interview with Steve Blum and follow up episode. [audio src="http://traffic.libsyn.com/vam/46_VAM_046___Interview_with_Steve_Blum_Part_1.mp3"][/audio]

I've been particularly interested in Steve Blum's story, as hearing one of the pre-eminent names in the video game and animation industry started out learning as he earned is very inspiring. Hearing his full story in-depth has given me hope that I too can overcome my shortcomings and continue to grow as an actor and as a working voice artist.

The first year of any business can be extremely difficult, and this career is certainly no different. I've felt the elation of a successful day, week, and month, and I've dealt with the lows of literally months with very little of note to do when it comes to paid work. But, overall, I absolutely love what I do and no matter what it takes, I'm going to stick it out. I'm at a point recently where that resolve is really being tested, and thankfully I listened to this podcast in that time.

While the whole story is well worth listening to, Mr. Blum's emphasis on the effects of meditation on his career and his life led me to start practicing the next day. It's now been two days, and I've felt the effects almost instantaneously. I feel more energized, more at peace with myself, and looking forward to each day again. As hokey as that sounds, it's true.  It's been two days and I already feel a profound resurgence in my body and spirit.

So thank you, Mr. Blum for your inspirational story, and Mr. Freeman for hosting a consistently fantastic podcast. So long as you're still podcasting, I'll be listening.


New Meanwhile, at the Skull Base! Episode Four Launches Today

Holy cats! This one almost killed me. Through sheer willpower I managed to squeak this one out on time(ish..). Enjoy episode four: Big Trouble in Actual China! Meanwhile, at the Skull Base! Episode 4: Big Trouble in Actual China

Sunday Wrapup

Expert of Nothing went really well! This season is shaping up to be their best yet. Tons of talented folks have come out for every episode I've seen or been a part of, and each one has been better than the last. Look for season three when it drops on iTunes later this year.

Meanwhile, at the Skull Base is moving right along. We're prepping the site for launch and the first episode should be available very soon. Like, by the end of the month soon. I'm super stoked for this to finally drop. We've had so many awesome people join in on this project and we couldn't be prouder of the results. I'll update this post with links when theskullbase.com officially launches.

You don't even know how much your life is about to change.

No improv this week. Boo. Oh well, at least I got to flex my improv muscles on a new podcast I guested on earlier this week which may or may not feature certain characters from a certain aforementioned project...

My new comic book-based prog metal band, Uatu, has its first gig in January at Friends Fest 6 at the Sidebar. This is my first original band since Remaking Eden back in college. Expect tricky guitar work, crazy time signatures, and the amazingly beautiful vocal stylings of one Derek Brown. Also expect Tyler Merchant to be drunk and disorderly.

WNUF Halloween Special has its world premiere on the 18th at the Creative Alliance. I highly recommend you go see it if you have the means to do so. It is so choice.

That about does it for this week. I've got some cool new voiceover gigs coming up in the near future that I hope to be able to share soon. More on those as they develop.

- Rex