Metal, New Gear, Batman

My comic book metal band, Uatu, is finally getting its act together. We have a practice space again and we're working on an EP due out in February. I'm really stoked to finally be working on completely original music again after an eight year hiatus, in which I mostly played in video game rock bands. I know, I've come a really long way. Can't wait til I start a grind band based on Joe Dante movies in ten years. The ole studio has gotten a few upgrades. My good friend and excellent audio engineer in his own right Michael Zucker built me another API clone, this time the VP28. If you have the means and desire, I highly recommend picking one up. That second stage gain is basically all clean, crystal clear top end, something that was missing from my voice mixes before. Expect new demos from me to show it off pretty soon.

I also snagged Cubase Pro 8 on a rather expensive whim after getting what I'm assuming an actual, union actor's paycheck ought to look like, and I'm glad I did. They totally overhauled the way everything looks; meters display waveforms, EQ displays the hi and low pass filters as well as pitch information, workspaces have been totally redone, and much more. It's creeping even closer to full Pro Tools functionality as well, with the addition of a lane system, the ability to process plug-ins offline (this may be an older feature, but the Artist series didn't have it, so it's new to me), and dozens if not hundreds of little tweaks and fixes that make the whole experience much more enjoyable. You still can't print a click track for some God forsaken reason, day, maybe. All in all, it's a great leap forward and has inspired me to once again try to offer mixing services again. Bravo, Steinberg.

I'm playing Captain Jim Gordon in a fan-adaptation of The Long Halloween, made by the same guy who does this rad X-Men audiobook series. I'll post the first episode up once it's released.


PS - If you're into recording/mixing/what have you, I recommend checking out Jamie King's two day Creative Live session, where he goes from tracking to mastering with one of Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me)' new solo album songs. Pretty rad stuff.