So the Five in Fiverr Means....

Evidently you can charge pretty much whatever you want on Fiverr nowadays. I've heard enough hullabaloo around the internet about people making most of their VO income from tons of short, sweet, low-paying gigs from Fiverr, and from looking at some of the profiles on there, it definitely looks to be working for some folk. I've had difficulty developing a consistent income stream, which I blame on my lust for commercial and video game gigs at the cost of other, less competitive types of work. Back when the default rate was $5, I turned my nose up at Fiverr, but you know what? I have a daughter to feed now. I have a mortgage. Maintaining my pride and sticking to my rates has had great effects in my career, but something big's been missing. I think it's time to really re-evaluate what I consider valuable leads and potential streams of work. Hell, what do I have to lose?