New Studio, New Outlook for 2016

Well, a mere three weeks after telling my wife that getting an office space was out of the question for at least another couple of years, I now type this in my new studio/office space. The wonderful and attractive gentlemen at Human Being Productions were kind enough to let me bring my equipment into their space to create a new combined audio/video production room. I'll update with pictures after we finish adding sound proofing (so a few weeks out), but it's shaping up nicely. Frankly, I'm happy just to not spend every day in my freezing basement. Plus I can leave work without also leaving my home! Exciting times. 

Got the opportunity to voice an internal video for Google and a message for Toyota this week, so this year's already off to an exciting start. We're also entering the end of BROS' run of Chronoshred, which I'll make a separate post-mortem post for, but suffice to say it's been an incredible experience overall. Only four shows left!

It's already felt like a pretty packed year so far. Here's looking forward to relaxing MAGFest 14 in a couple weeks.