New Look for a New Era

This site is undergoing a few changes to coincide with my new emphasis on voice acting. This will be my new hub for all things that have to do with sounds spewing out of my face.

I've been getting into doing background work and going for auditions since I seem to be allergic to day jobs recently. For my DJ exploits, check in at DJRexAnderson. I'll be starting a new blog up there pretty soon with pictures and writeups of weddings and other gigs. Good times.

My new podcast, with director Tommy Sinbazo and writer Bryan Preston, is called Meanwhile at the Skullbase. I'm very proud of it. It will be launching sometime next month. Stay tuned for links.

If you're a member of BROS, holla at me if you want to record a VO demo. I've produced a few in the last couple of weeks and would love to do more. Check my VO box on the right side of this site for new stuff as new stuff gets made.

Oh, and if you're looking for a voice actor, well, ahem, look no further.