Make More, Be Better

My wife and I watched Skyfall yesterday, and it absolutely blew me away. For whatever reason, watching Javier Bardem shoot a train at Daniel Craig made me want to build a production company in Baltimore. The amount of detail, the world travelling, the look and feel of every scene made me feel unforgivably lazy in my own writing. This was something to aspire to. This was something I needed to make my future. I often (constantly) wonder where the hell I'm going to end up. Eventually, I'm going to have to follow my dreams, varied though they are, because I'm terrible at conforming to desk jobs and I hate wasting my day just to pay bills. One day I will have to throw my hands up and say "Enough, it's time to write (and make music, and do VO) now." I'm already looking back on my twenties as the time in which I identified my resistances and emotional hangups, did something about them, got my head on straight, and started walking the line of my career(s). So I need new resolve. Max Landis is three months older than me, and he's sold a bajillion screenplays this year. I need to keep reminding myself that great things are not only possible, but inevitable if you work hard and have the talent. I also need to remind myself that real people pay actual money to experience the likes of Jeff Dunham and Jeph Loeb's work, which is insane to me. There's a market out there for everybody, and I need to find mine, be it through comics, movies, music, cartoons, or preferably all of the above.Yet, since yesterday afternoon, I've gone from "Yeah, I'm gonna build this production company and get all my creative and talented friends together in a giant pool and we'll create comics, movies, and video games, and we'll rule the goddamn world!" to "Well, I still think I pretty much suck at everything, so maybe I'll just try one career and see how it goes." I don't know if it's my environment, my general lack of confidence, or the fact that I don't have much prior experience to hang my hat on that makes me shoot myself down every time I have an awesome idea. Probably all three.

So in order to avoid this being a self-centered, introspective blogfart, I urge all of you out there to make more and be better. Don't get complacent in your day job if it's not what you want to do. Money has a way of coming and going as it's needed. You're not stuck. You don't suck, at least not at everything, and if you do, practice and you'll get better. If you want to get on stage and do comedy, write the material and get out there. Failure and embarrassment are just par for the course, and I think we'd all be happier if we saw big risks for what they were and took them as often as possible.

I've done a lot of growing up out here in Denver for the last few years, and more and more I just want to take risks. It's going to be a very interesting few years coming down the pipeline. I don't want to regret spending so much time on garbage like I did in my twenties. Your thirties start at 27, right? Read: Scott Snyder's Batman has been consistently great, arguably the only book I'd recommend out of all of the New 52. His new arc, "Death of the Family" is two issues in now, and it's a great romp through Joker's and Batman's history together, all while pulling Ozymandias levels of crazy at every stop. Go grab it (though I think you can skip most of the tie-ins).-Rex

Watch: Skyfall. Holy Shit, you guys. I would never have guessed Sam Mendes had such a phenomenal action movie in him. Easily the best Bond movie I've ever seen.

Listen: Books on Film, an offshoot of An Innocent Looking Bookstore, is all up in the interwebs. Get it in your headholes and enjoy.