More Than Just a Voice: If You Work in the Industry Today, You Need to Read This Book

More Than Just a VoiceI bought Dave Courvoisier's new book More Than Just A Voice: The Real Secret To Voice Over Success just a couple of days ago, and I've already read it cover to cover. If you're new to the industry, work and live outside of NY or LA, and want to know what you need to do in order to be a contender, get this book and consume it. All of it. Dave's approach is that of a mentor. He's more than willing to share a bounty of links, with thorough explanations as to why what you're clicking on is relevant, how it's helpful, and why you should need it. This being a collection of blogs, More Than Just a Voice is best read via Kindle, so you can quickly jump around to these links.

It not only touches on what styles are relevant, what types of work there are and how to explore them, but also how to be a better small business person. His entire approach is practical, covers a lot of bases, and is in general a great read and an exceptional resource in its own right.

I seriously think my new opening move, for people who ask me about how to get into voice over, is going to be "Buy this book, read the whole thing, check out everything it's got to offer, then get back to me." It's that good.

In other words, I recommend it.