Get Organized, Stay Energized

If you're anything like me, prone to depression and anxiety episodes, the freelance life can be pretty dangerous. I don't punch a clock. I don't even put pants on sometimes. But, the workload is drastically bigger than any one job at a company, as I'm currently the talent, the bookkeeper, the junior lawyer, the CEO and the janitor. This doesn't me from occasionally freezing, and having a day or two with no productivity to speak of. With so much to do, it's tough to sit down and make yourself start somewhere. If you're going to pursue voice over as a career, make sure you block time out every day to exercise. It's really easy to end up glued to your computer for twelve hours on end, so put some yoga or outside time on your calendar.

Also, organization makes everything better. I put everything I have to do on a Google calendar, which ranges from session dates and times to when I should stand up, walk to the kitchen, and make myself food. Because I WILL push off eating if I don't know exactly when I'm going to do it. This reaches all the way down to your workflow and how you prioritize and manage tasks (if you have a way that a human being is actually capable of sticking to all the time, please email me). I don't always stick to my calendar 100%, but it helps tremendously when trying to balance marketing efforts, audition and session times, and bookkeeping.

Take the time to make an attack plan for the week, and work out and get sun shine at least once a day. It gives you purpose and prevents you from falling into a depressive slump.