Five Random VO Tips and Tricks

In no particular order, here's some stuff that might be good to know:

1. Source-Connect Standard has a map feature that can show you everyone in the world who has or has had an account. These people are mostly all studios, production houses, and fellow VO actors. 

2. aggregates all of Craig's List to make it searchable in its entirety at once. People occasionally post things other than LOOKING TO BE THE NEXT BEYONCE READY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD?! 

3. Don't close your mouth while performing. It makes this little noise every time you open it back up that must be removed. (You'd think after five and half years I'd break this habit, but..)

4. If you're making a decent amount of money as a sole proprietor, look at incorporating so you don't spend all your money on taxes. It's more complicated and can be a pain, but CPA's are inexpensive, so don't be timid about reaching out to one for help. 

5. Profile picture of a microphone instead of you or your logo: STOP. I know what a microphone looks like, and it doesn't look like you. It's so lame. Stop it. Stop.