Convergence Maximus Is Happening

The BROS, those dudes and lady dudes sort of responsible for my career, are combining forces with the Concerts Artists of Baltimore. It looks like this. 954751_10203793158407486_6152291082668768907_nIt's a pretty surreal experience. The rehearsal was nerve wracking. I didn't feel anywhere near up to snuff vocally to do this. I even thought about dropping out entirely. After all, I'm not really a singer. Plus I'm following a ridiculous violin soloist and coloratura. But having an orchestra and choir surrounding me, supporting me with an overwhelming sound and power really pushed me to perform.

And even if I blow it, Moira Horowitz is gonna be right there next to me destroying it, so I doubt anyone will notice.

Convergence Maximus is running tomorrow and Saturday at 2640 St Paul St, 8pm. It's gonna be something to see.