Circlin' The Wagons Back to Those Old Freelance Sites

Fiverr. Upwork. Mandy. Guru. I've been revisiting my entire structure lately, figuring out how to make something more sustainable and consistent, and less reliant on commercial work. Which is fantastic, of course, but not the most...well, consistent. Or reliable.

I freaked out earlier this year, worrying that I needed an IVR demo, politics demo, an industrials demo, and an e-Learning demo and finish that demo Singing demo that I'm terrified of so I can enter five more markets at once...which I'm two minds of as well. Should I take a step down five different paths, or try to take five steps down one? Is it that simple? Do I even have a choice?

Having a baby has made me considerably more introspective than I expected from a creature that needs constant care and attention. 

So, I guess I'm starting over in a sense. I'm retracing my steps, fixing stuff along the way, and hopefully sooner than later will have sorted everything out. Standing on mud instead of quicksand. 

I'm listening to the last episode of Scyther Audio's X-Men Podcast. It was awesome. It makes me happy, which isn't something I can say of a lot of my work. It might be the closest to the perfect project I've had so far in my career. I hope we get to do more someday. 

So. Freelance sites. They ALL have voiceover specific profiles now. And they're all free and have leads and can up your SEO and are all worth looking into. So I formally rescind any old post in which I said this or that wasn't worth futzing with.

Except VoiceBunny. Haven't gone back to that one yet, but I'm working up to it. Stay tuned. 

There's a lot of potential out there, and it feels like the competition has really stepped up. Or maybe I'm finally conscious incompetent and the transition from that to competence is scary and hard. Hoo boy.

Did I mention I had a baby? 

Hoo boy.


PS - I'm pretty sure I do need all those demos. But it's also time to not do my own demos. Which means training. Which means time and work. It's gonna be a long, good year of transformation. Deep breathing. Here we go.