A Strange, Nameless Daughter

Oh baby,
don’t let them take out your blood
You don’t know what it’ll do
If I tell you a story
Will you promise to stay?

Once I knew a woman,
Haunted and fragile;
a delicate glass figurine
that shined in the sunlight.

Once we saw a young girl
Lost in a carnival.
My love stopped in her tracks then, and
Stared in amazement.
“Doesn’t she look just like me?”
She said, and took her hand.
“Doesn’t she walk just like me?”

We took her home with us.

Once I had a family,
A strange, nameless daughter.
Mother’s ghosts had come back to her
And brought her nightmares.
“Put away that music box,”
She said to our little one.
“Or it will be the end of me.”

She took our home from us.

I told her to let her go.
She said “I can’t let her go”.
So I packed and said “Off I go”.

Once I knew a woman
Destroyed by her progeny.
So I say to you, baby,
Blood is nothing to fool with.