Studio Fortification, Post #2

Progress has been made! After mangling the insert frames with some less-than-sharp-and-intact borrowed snips, I managed to break my drill bit on a bit of steel embedded in the window jamb ceiling. Luckily my Father the Carpenter saved the day.

Circlin' The Wagons Back to Those Old Freelance Sites

Circlin' The Wagons Back to Those Old Freelance Sites

Fiverr. Upwork. Mandy. Guru. I've been revisiting my entire structure lately, figuring out how to make something more sustainable and consistent, and less reliant on commercial work. Which is fantastic, of course, but not the most...well, consistent. Or reliable.

I freaked out earlier this year, worrying that I needed an IVR demo, politics demo, an industrials demo, and an e-Learning demo and finish that demo Singing demo that I'm terrified of so I can enter five more markets at once...which I'm two minds of as well. Should I take a step down five different paths, or try to take five steps down one? Is it that simple? Do I even have a choice?

So the Five in Fiverr Means....

Evidently you can charge pretty much whatever you want on Fiverr nowadays. I've heard enough hullabaloo around the internet about people making most of their VO income from tons of short, sweet, low-paying gigs from Fiverr, and from looking at some of the profiles on there, it definitely looks to be working for some folk.

Giving VoiceZam the ole College Try

After doing what little research I could, it being a new device aimed for a very small number of people overall, I decided to give VoiceZam a try. If you hear from me over the next few days/weeks/decades, you may get a VoiceZam link in addition to/instead of a website link. It will be keyed up to the appropriate demo for you, all broken out by spot so you can find the voice you like quickly. At least, that's the hope. I'll check in after testing it out for a few weeks. 




UPDATE 1 - Here's my ZamLink. It promises to make life better. I love that I can update the player and anything with the link will be automatically updated as well.