SOVAS Award Nomination for My Demo; Also I Made Demos This Year

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be able to coach with the inimitable J. Michael Collins. Our ten-hours of coaching/one demo package ended up being a four-hour/three demo project. I’d never had much formal coaching before, aside from a handful of narration sessions in my first year. J. Michael is a genuinely kind, warm presence, full of knowledge, reassurance, and encouragement, without a hint of pretension or exaggeration. I felt instantly at ease with him and able to showcase myself to somebody without it being transactional, which is not something I get to do very often. And thankfully, turns out I’m pretty good at a few different genres of VO. I’m very proud of the Commercial, TV Narration, and Industrial demos we produced together, and they’ve been great tools to have in the months since. I cannot recommend his coaching and demo services enough and I plan to revisit him soon for more demo work. Go to him!

Taken after a three-demo session. I…got a new camera after this picture.

Taken after a three-demo session. I…got a new camera after this picture.


Also, in the months since, my daughter has decided to stop taking afternoon naps and instead be a toddler all day instead, so daddying still takes up most of my days. It is a blessing to have built enough of a network in the time before she arrived that I’m able to spend the majority of my time raising her. She’s a joy to behold, and this time spent that I’ll never regret. It’s definitely helped to have killer demos when I don’t have time for much legwork.


Aria brings Light


Evidently, the commercial demo we produced was nominated for a SOVAS Voice Arts Award today. It’s a great honor, and honestly not something I ever considered would happen. The show’s next month, on my birthday, so maybe I’ll get lucky! 34’s a lucky number with some arcane historical significance, right?

Your Efforts Add Up...But Only If You Make Them

My best friend and his wife visited this weekend to see my band play and see our beautiful new house and of course Aria, and we had an in-depth conversation about reconnecting with our past selves as a way of moving forward in our lives. Highlighting the people we’ve met, the friends we’ve lost touch with along the way, and how everything seems to come down to willpower and our own efforts, be it in work or relationships or eating and brushing your teeth. As daunting and maybe unfair as it is, the truth is that after a certain age, everything really is completely up to you and your ability to put energy forth into the world.

Leaving Midgar

Leaving Midgar

One of my fondest video game memories is the 90 hours or so I plunked into Final Fantasy VII as a kid. The whole first act of the game takes place in Midgar, an oppressive, gloomy city, carved out in claustrophobic corridors. It's dank, trashed out, and the sun literally never shines there. There's a scrappy underdog quality to everything you do there; it's not great, but it's home, and you've got your little niche (it's basically terrorism, but you know, good guy terrorism). About eight hours in, however, you up and leave the city, suddenly thrusting your party into the whole wide world, which up until then I wasn't even sure existed in this game. This blew my mind when I was a kid. Now we were no longer scavengers scraping by in a totalitarian hellhole, barely escaping with our lives. Now, we had

..wait, what do we do next? 

Studio Fortification, Post #2

Progress has been made! After mangling the insert frames with some less-than-sharp-and-intact borrowed snips, I managed to break my drill bit on a bit of steel embedded in the window jamb ceiling. Luckily my Father the Carpenter saved the day.